Buddhist Valley Tourist Attractions

Buddha valley scenic spots
      Located at the west side of the Mount Jiuhua, it is also known as the gate of Jiuhua Shanxi. It belongs to the mountains of Southern Anhui. The pastoral scenery is as picturesque as a poem. The famous landscape includes Ba River Gorge, eight Du River Canyon, Meishan waterfall and so on. It is like "paradise in Wonderland" and "paradise in the world".
      On the basis of giving full play to the tourist location advantage of the Buddhist sacred place Mount Jiuhua, relying on Mount Jiuhua tourism brand, the tourist attractions of the Buddhist Valley form a tourist product dominated by drifting, sightseeing, holiday and characteristic rural tourism. It will optimize the Qingyang and Jiuhua at the same time, while enriching the types of tourism products around Mount Jiuhua. The spatial layout of the mountain tourism industry and the formation of the overall tourism atmosphere will greatly promote the cooperative development of the tourism industry, thus bringing a rare development opportunity for the development of the tourist attractions of the Buddhist valley.
      The Buddha Valley valley scenic area has its own characteristics and characteristics. From the perspective of drifting, there are two starting points and one end. The two drifting river sections have different styles: the Ba He river section is 6 kilometers long, the drop is 148 meters, the rash rocks in the air, the ups and downs, the thrilling stimulation; the eight river section is 4.5 kilometers long, the fall is 78 meters, the whole journey is beautiful, the water is clear, the primitive primitive, romantic and leisurely. From the perspective of landscape, the entire drifting journey is all located in the famous scenic spots with beautiful scenery on both sides of the Taiwan Strait. Many natural landscapes form the ten mile Gallery inside and outside. The scenic area is both a drifting River and a rare tourist resort for sightseeing and summer vacation.
      After the completion of the Buddha Valley Valley rafting project, it is the largest and most drifting scenic spot away from Mount Jiuhua. The implementation of the project can produce a wide range of comprehensive driving effect. It has great impetus to local agriculture, service industry, in situ transformation of surplus labor force, and historical and cultural heritage. After the Drifting Tourism was put into operation, nearly 100 people were recruited and employed, about 60-100 local temporary workers were employed, and more than 350 people were employed indirectly. After the completion of the scenic spot, it becomes a locomotive for the development of the rural service industry. It can effectively promote the fast three of rural tourism, and it has played an exemplary role. At the same time, the Rift Valley drifted from the tourist market for a short time, and received a good effect on the comprehensive benefits of reactivating the resources stock, changing the resource advantage to the product advantage, changing the product advantage for the economic advantage and changing the economic benefit. The successful promotion of the rafting project has injected strong vitality into Qingyang's strong tourism county.
"The rover will explore the valley of the Buddha, and experience the eight rivers of drifting."