Drifting of the Jiu Qu River

Jiuqu river rafting
      The Jiu Qu River rafting is located in the national AAAA scenic spot in Mount Tianzhu. It is 6 kilometers away from the main scenic area. It is linked to the Grand Canyon Scenic Spot of Tianzhu.
      The Jiu Qu River Canyon Adventure drifting 2.7 kilometers, the gap between the height of nearly 200 meters. The canyon is deep, the waterfall is connected to the pool, and the water is fast. When you take a kayak in a deep pool, the more dangerous shoals, you rush to the right in the midst of a turbulent stream, and dance with the waves, the challenge is your wisdom, courage, courage and perseverance. You are screaming and laughing, the harvest is a pleasant adventure. This is what you've been looking for for a long time.
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